Huhne ends local authority power struggleEnergy Secretary overturns law banning councils from selling renewable electricity Full benefit of renewable incentives will spur local power revolution and bring in income to benefit local areas Councils across Britain will be allowed to sell renewable electricity to the grid and should assume their rightful place leading a local power revolution, Chris Huhne said on 9 August 2010 in a letter to all local authorities.
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Federal Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen has welcomed the agreement reached in the Mediation Committee on lowering the support rate for solar power under the Renewable Energy Sources Act. "This sends an important signal. Investors and companies now have clarity for their investment decisions, while consumers finally have the assurance that support for solar power is not getting out of hand," said Röttgen. "This cut is overdue. Over the past months the gap between the rapidly sinking costs of photovoltaic systems and the slow reduction of support rates has become wider and wider.
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Post date: 11 Jun 2010
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"It is particularly appropriate to present the two solar roadmaps in Valencia today, given that Spain has taken a leading role globally in promoting solar power and other forms of renewable energy," said Mr. Tanaka.
Post date: 18 May 2010
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The “Entwerfen von Krankenhäusern und Bauten des Gesundheitswesens” department at the Technische Universität Berlin will be carrying out this project, which is part of the “Energy-Optimised Construction” (EnOB) focal area in the German federal government’s fifth energy research programme. The goal is to develop buildings which have minimal primary energy requirements and high occupant comfort, all combined with moderate investment costs and significantly reduced operating costs.
Post date: 19 Apr 2010
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During 2009, Germany remained the largest market, with Italy ranking second and Japan and the U.S. markets to follow. Germany most probably will remain the largest market in 2010, while new markets in particular from Southern Europe, Asia and the U.S. will grow significantly. 
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Further information is available in German language at: http://www.bmwi.de/BMWi/Navigation/Presse/pressemitteilungen,did=334214....
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Lord Hunt said: “A global climate deal in Copenhagen needs all countries to make the most ambitious commitments possible, but it will also require all of us to change how we lead our lives and how we generate our energy. ... Smart meters will put the power in people’s hands, enabling us all to control how much energy we use, cut emissions and cut bills. ... Smart grids will help manage the massive shift to low carbon electricity such as wind, nuclear and clean fossil fuels. ...
Post date: 3 Dec 2009
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The 'Electricity Consumption and Efficiency Trends in the European Union' report, issued on 30 November 2009 by the JRC Institute for Energy (IE), calculates the market share of energy-efficient appliances and equipment and the energy consumption by sector in 2007. It also identifies the appliances in which energy efficiency has the largest potential: domestic, street and office lighting; televisions and stand-by appliances in households, as well as electric motors in industry.
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For further information go to RES-LEGAL.eu or RES-LEGAL.de. The website also contains a search function and a glossary.
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