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Investointitukijärjestelmä: Energiatuki    The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (MEAE) can grant energy aid to companies, municipalities and other organisations for climate and environment-friendly investments and energy audits that promote:  
Post date: 28 Feb 2013
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The french Association "PLANETE COPROPRIETE" which is a think tank that discusses the transition to eco-condominium or energy renovation of condominiums has launched an innovative tool for condominiums or multiproperties: B.I.C. Bilan Initial de Copropriété or Initial Assessment in Condo).B.I.C was launched at the Salon of Independent Owners UNARC and Salon de la Copropriete in PARIS last 2012 autumn by Olivier BRANE, Lawyer Honorary, Director and Deputy to the European authorities of PLANETE COPROPRIETE.
Post date: 8 Jan 2013
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Training courses for Energy Auditors (Buildings) - Polish Energy Conservation Foundation (Poszanowania Energii Fundacja)   In Poland, the Energy Conservation Foundation organises training for individuals wishing to become energy auditors of residential and public buildings. The course is designed for people with a higher education in electrical, mechanical or environmental engineering, construction and energy related fields, however it is also possible for people with a secondary technical education to take part.  
Post date: 3 Oct 2012
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dear all,As a guidance for the preparation of the detailed work plan for the preparation/revision of the set of standards under the mandate M/480 (see also blog: a database is being created with potentially relevant standards and regulations.
Post date: 28 Sep 2012
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In Malta, those wishing to become assessors of (residential) Buildings, boilers and/or A/C installations, apart from having a relevant degree, need to undertake a period of training approved by the Malta Resources Authority.   Information about potential assessors and ongoing courses can be found in the website of the Building Regulations Office of the Ministry for Resources and Rural Affairs.
Post date: 14 Sep 2012
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In the Czech Republic, experts in building certification, as well as inspectors of boilers and A/C systems, have to pass different examinations, but the same expert can be simultaneously authorised to perform more than one of these activities.  
Post date: 11 Jul 2012
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Dear all, This is a follow up on the previous blog post with the CEN work program to develop a second generation of CEN standards to support the (recast) EPBD. What was yet missing was a rough indication when to expect the products from this project. Therefore I drafted a short table with the main products and the rough dates for first and final drafts.
Post date: 5 Jul 2012
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Energy Conservation and Commercialization (ECO) Program was signed between the Government of India (GOI) and USAID (the U.S. government agency providing economic and humanitarian assistance) in January 2000 under a Bilateral Agreement, with an objective to enhance commercial viability and performance of Indian energy sector, and also to promote utilisation of clean and energy efficient technologies in the sector. The major objective of the on going ECO-III Project Program is to assist BEE in the implementation of the Energy Conservation Act.
Post date: 17 May 2012
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