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DOKVAST developed a sustainable and high-quality distribution centre for Rhenus Contract Logistics at the industrial area Het Laar in Tilburg. The distribution centre, named “The Tube”, consists of three linked compartments with mezzanine floors at two levels that are suitable for Value Added Services (VAS) and/or (future) expansion of the office.   With an overall score of 99.4% on all individual sustainability categories New Logic III delivers an exceptionally high performance.  
Post date: 15 Jan 2020
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Connecting Europe, Saving Energy
Post date: 19 Dec 2019
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The ResStock analysis tool is helping states, municipalities, utilities, and manufacturers identify which home improvements save the most energy and money. With support from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), researchers at NREL developed ResStock. It's a versatile tool that takes a new approach to large-scale residential energy analysis by combining:  
Post date: 18 Dec 2019
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Do you want to learn about the energy, cost, and CO2 savings potential of typical energy efficiency measures? EEQuest - the Energy Efficiency Quick Estimator tool can be used for it.   With this online tool, you can quickly and easily get an idea of the savings potential of your energy efficiency project. Based on just a few user inputs, EEQuest provides estimates of energy, cost and CO2 savings for typical measures.  
Post date: 12 Dec 2019
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As part of its environmental efforts, Wiener Linien launched a unique pilot project: The first-time installation of special photovoltaic films, on the roof of the underground station in the Ottakring district. The power generated will be used on-site to operate lighting, escalators and elevators. The films are five times lighter than conventional photovoltaic systems and have been installed on the flat roof of the Ottakring U3 station as a pilot project. “Public transport is one of the key factors when it comes to environmental protection in Vienna.
Post date: 12 Dec 2019
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The report aims to identify, analyse and extract lessons learnt and guidelines from several promising home renovation services in Europe with a focus on: target group audience; offered service; relations between involved stakeholders; data required for operating the service; financial model; number of supported renovation projects and triggered investment.  
Post date: 4 Dec 2019
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According to Eurostat 2017, 42% of the European population currently live in flats (condominiums, multi-owned properties, tenements, social housing, etc.). Retrofitting condominiums (tenements and flatted buildings) is highly strategic for local authorities, as a large number of private owners can be reached at the same time. Once the retrofitting is done, co-owners benefit from comfortable homes as well as from financial and carbon savings.   Fragmented ownership
Post date: 14 Nov 2019
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In close interaction with various stakeholders, the study team has developed a provisional Smart Readiness Indicator assessment method and calculation scheme. We kindly invite all interested stakeholders to engage in the public bèta testing of this approach.  
Post date: 10 Oct 2019
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The project REScoop Plus has enabled a better understanding of how consumers change their energy consumption behaviour when they join a renewable energy cooperative, a so-called REScoop. A new online toolbox features coaching tools for individuals to reduce their personal consumption and district heating tools to provide collective heat efficiently. The toolbox is free to use for all interested renewable energy cooperatives.
Post date: 4 Oct 2019
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In a continued effort to reduce Europe's carbon footprint and to make energy bills cheaper for European consumers, the Commission today adopted new eco-design measures for products such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and televisions.Improving the ecodesign of products contributes to implementing the ‘Energy efficiency first' principle of the EU's Energy Union priority.
Post date: 1 Oct 2019
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