EPC - Energy Performance Certificate

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Could you tell us about EPEC’s work, especially how it relates to investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy?EPEC was established in September 2008 as a unique cooperative initiative of the EIB, the European Commission and EU Candidate Countries and Member States. We have an international team of 18 professionals working on a range of PPP issues alongside Member States.
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If linked to financial support, programmes and quality supply chains , Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) can drive households to action by means of detailed recommendations included within the EPC. That’s one of the conclusions of the recently completed Request project.  
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To see the article, please click here to go to the Covenant of Mayors website.  
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Berekeningsmethodiek van de EPC is conform de nieuwe NEN 7120 die de bestaande normen voor woningbouw en utiliteit vervangt. Kwaliteitsverklaringen kunnen worden opgenomen in de catologus die regelmatig wordt bijgewerkt met nieuwe verklaringen. Behalve een print is er ook een mogelijkheid tot een excel export.
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The IEE REQUEST programme on Renovation through quality supply chains and energy performance certification standards, focuses on increasing the uptake of low carbon renovation measures in residential properties across Europe by encouraging action on Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) recommendations and by providing a quality standard for low carbon renovation. From that perspective, REQUEST has a unique focus on the link between supply and demand side of low carbon renovations.
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