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The BUILD UP Financing Schemes section aims to inform eligible beneficiaries, on new and existing funding opportunities in the field of buildings’ energy efficiency. Information relevant to anyone from public authorities to private business, and from professionals to building owners or tenants, is made available on an ongoing basis.  
Post date: 12 Jun 2015
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The funding of energy efficiency projects is very crucial for achieveing the EU targets on energy savings. The EU pays great attention to the financial support of energy efficiency policies and has developed several tools for supporting these policies.
Post date: 5 Jun 2015
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Horizon’s 2020 call EE05 funds deep renovation projects that overcome market barriers and give an impetus to the construction sector to engage in deep renovations. Up to now, barriers such as the lack of quality standards and inspection protocols impede the creation of a market place for deep renovation.   The call, fully titled ‘Increasing energy performance of existing buildings through process and organisation innovations and creating a market for deep renovation’, closes on 4 June 2015.  
Post date: 4 May 2015
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This article explores the link between EU funding, in particular the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme, and the evolution of Passive House, and also the contribution that Passive House has made to transform the market for energy efficiency in buildings.   There is a brief summary of various Passive House projects supported by EU funding, while finally underlining the importance of Passive House Principles in a future glimpse towards 2030 with the new EU Horizon 2020 programme.  
Post date: 21 Apr 2015
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CONCERTO cities and communities have shown that existing buildings can cut their CO2 emissions, at acceptable costs, by up to 50%. CONCERTO does this by implementing renewable energy sources, innovative technologies and an integrated approach.CONCERTO projects and sites demonstrate energy solutions for smart cities and communities.CONCERTO projects and sites are role models for energy efficiency in buildings and communities. Their functional, sustainable solutions act as source of inspiration for innovative replication in other continents.
Post date: 28 Nov 2013
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European wide funds

In this category you will find a list of the existing European funding mechanisms that are aimed at promoting, improving and supporting energy efficiency and renewable energy in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Some of these schemes are exclusively linked to energy efficiency and renewable energy, while others have more general goals that tackle infrastructure and regional development, but can also be applied to energy related projects. 
Post date: 14 Apr 2013
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Post date: 29 Nov 2011
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