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On 11 March 2011 the Second Report of Session 2010–12 of the Environmental Audit Committee to the House of Commons on The Green Investment Bank was published. On March 23rd the Government set out details of the Bank’s capitalisation and borrowing powers in Budget 2011 and on May 24th it published an update on the design of the Bank. On July 13th the Government responded to the Committee’s Report. The report was published on July 18th.
Post date: 26 Jul 2011
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Feedback from the ground shows that in most Member States while Green Targets are Going Up - Budgets for refurbishment are going down. Can the new energy efficiency directive help to address this glaring contradiction?
Post date: 22 Jun 2011
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Post date: 11 Apr 2011
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"The cost to install solar panels has reduced substantially since the Solar Credits mechanism was first announced in December 2008, driven by a strong economy, a high dollar and falling technology costs," Mr Combet said. "In this time, demand for solar installations has also increased rapidly, as the out-of-pocket cost to households has dropped and generous State and Territory feed-in tariffs have provided additional support to households. As a result, the phase out of the Solar Credits multiplier will be brought forward by one year, from:5 to 4 on 1 July 2011;
Post date: 2 Dec 2010
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Scaling-up investment in energy efficiency is essential to achieving a sustainable energy future. Despite energy efficiency’s recognized advantages as a bankable investment with immense climate change mitigation benefits, most of the energy efficiency (EE) potential remains untapped and the investment gap to achieve climate goals is tremendous. This report seeks to improve understanding as to why this is so, and what can be done about it.
Post date: 1 Dec 2010
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