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A smarter way to delivering large-scale change: the CITyFiED Methodology for Sustainable Urban Renovation at district level   Sustainable urban renovation is complex, particularly with respect to the decision making process, where a number of key stakeholders and several aspects need to be considered simultaneously. Evaluating and selecting alternative scenarios or measures to be implemented can be a substantial use of time and resources for cities.   
Post date: 14 Jun 2017
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European ‘Energy Days’ kick started in Lund, Sweden   An early start to celebrating the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) ‘energy days’ began in Lund, Sweden, with an open invitation for politicians, municipal officials, researchers and more to discuss sustainable district renewal.    Held on 17 May, the CITyFiED project demonstration site and partners made a perfect tangible example for exchanging some inspirational ideas about how to build a sustainable city.  
Post date: 1 Jun 2017
Type: News

Unpicking the Secrets to Sustainable Urban Renovation and Regeneration   The CITyFiED consortium met in at demonstration site Laguna de Duero, Spain 27 and 28 February 2017 to keep the project on track to achieving substantial energy savings, emissions reductions and a climate of confidence for energy efficient renovations across Europe.   
Post date: 18 Apr 2017
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Methodology Applied to the Evaluation of Natural Ventilation in Residential Building Retrofits: A Case Study   
Post date: 7 Apr 2017
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One of CITyFiED ’s main objectives is to help cities get smarter, faster. By sharing a wealth of experiences in district level renovation and regeneration, the project can be a risk-saver, cost-saver and time-saver for cities, agencies and industries that occasionally struggle to hit Europe’s ambitious energy targets and deliver scalable change. Twenty-five participants from 19 cities met with the project consortium on 1 March 2017 in Laguna de Duero, Spain to do just this…   
Post date: 27 Mar 2017
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Eight projects involving 27 districts belonging to 25 cities from 13 different countries have joined forces for greater leverage in sharing contents and promoting energy efficient renovation for cities and communities leading to large-scale replicability of sound energy efficiency solutions.  
Post date: 9 Mar 2017
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Interview with Klaus Dillinger, deputy mayor for Building, Environment and Transport in the city of Ludwigshafen, Germany  
Post date: 26 Jan 2017
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How can we prepare students for the environmental challenges ahead? One way is by showing younger generations the path towards smart cities of the future   Do young people know what a smart city is? Do they care about saving energy and preserving the Earth’s resources? “Rooting sustainability starts on the benches of schools,” affirmed UNESCO director-general Irina Bokova at the recent UN Climate Change Conference (COP22) in Marrakech, Morocco.  
Post date: 13 Dec 2016
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CITyFiED will be co-organising TIMELESSCITY – the European Conference on Smart, Sustainable and Resilient Cities (1-2 March 2017, Valladolid, Spain) – a forum to gain comprehensive insights into the opportunities and challenges brought by the development of Smart Cities and Communities initiatives across Europe.   
Post date: 29 Nov 2016
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Some examples in Europe show that cities running their own energy company can lower the energy bill for citizens   Across Europe, town and city councils are becoming increasingly interested in energy decentralisation, i.e. in producing power closer to where it is consumed.   Those municipalities that have already experienced this say the model is one of the best ways of fighting pollution and reducing energy costs for citizens. Heidelberg is one such city in Germany, with its long-running energy company.  
Post date: 28 Nov 2016
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