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On 26 April 2017, just a couple of days before the Passive House Conference 2017, the SINFONIA project invites interested stakeholders to visit the first two buildings renovated with energy efficiency measures in Innsbruck, Austria.  
Post date: 6 Apr 2017
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Eight projects involving 27 districts belonging to 25 cities from 13 different countries have joined forces for greater leverage in sharing contents and promoting energy efficient renovation for cities and communities leading to large-scale replicability of sound energy efficiency solutions.  
Post date: 9 Mar 2017
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On 27 April 2017, just one day before the Passive House Conference 2017, experts from at least three Smart City projects will hold a joint workshop in Vienna, Austria, to share results and experiences on smart and sustainable refurbishment solutions for apartment buildings, with a particular focus on social housing.  
Post date: 22 Feb 2017
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Food for thought during the EU Sustainable Energy Week: 5 days, 5 key topics, 5 lunch academy webinars   My Smart City District (MSCD) is a group of like-minded European Smart Cities projects representing 8 projects, 25 cities across 13 countries. Together, they are putting on a series of short online seminars – the Lunch Academy – set to take place 11:30-12:15 CET every day of the European Sustainable Energy Week 13-17 June.   
Post date: 1 Jun 2016
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From 13 – 15 November 2015, Passive House buildings around the globe open their doors to introduce the public to the future of energy-efficient housing, offering first-hand experience from both architects and Passive House residents about the tangible benefits of the highly energy-efficient Passive House Standard.  
Post date: 29 Jul 2015
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SINFONIA project is a five-year initiative to deploy large-scale, integrated and scalable energy solutions in mid-sized European cities.  
Post date: 13 Mar 2015
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