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This conference has been organized within the framework of the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) 2016.   Energy demand for heating and cooling constitutes half of Europe’s energy needs. In the residential and commercial sectors, a sufficient number of technology alternatives are available to achieve a renewable-based system for heating, cooling and hot water production by 2030. The EU will not achieve its climate and energy objectives unless renewable heating and cooling becomes more widely used.
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Gas adsorption heat pumps combine condensing boiler technology with a zeolite/water-based thermal heat pump module. Due to this, the fuel consumption can be reduced by more than 20 per cent by the use of geothermal or solar energy. These devices are particularly suitable for new build-schemes and existing renovated buildings with moderate heating requirements. The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs has been funding the development of the gas adsorption heat pumps and two German manufacturers have now brought zeolite heat pumps for a low output range (up to 15 kW) on the...
Post date: 22 Jun 2015
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 Positive energy building BEPOSDemonstration building PREBATCité de l’environnement is a tertiary building whose electricity generation by photovoltaic panels is higher than its energy consumption (all purposes). This performance relies mostly on a drastic reduction of specific uses of electricity and not by the "elimination" of heating which becomes a minority share.
Post date: 9 Jun 2015
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Video about techniques and materials for the installation of a geothermal heating system with heat pump and radiant floor and related benefits for low energy retrofitting interventions and improvement of the energy performance of existing buildings.The video has been used during the vocational training courses for Construction Professionals, Electrical Installers and Thermo-Hydraulic Installers overseen by the REE_TROFIT project.
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Founded in December 2008, the heat fund has been set up to support the production of heat from renewable sources.    The Heat Fund supports the development of the use of biomass (forestry, agriculture, biogas ...), geothermal energy (in direct use or through heat pumps), solar heat, energy recovery and the development of heat networks using these energies.   The sectors concerned are collective housing, communities and business.  
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Programa Geotcasa / Geotcasa GIT   1) Geotcasa   The aim of the Geotcasa programme is to establish a funding mechanism that promotes quality and is tailored to the specific needs of users of geothermal systems.   Companies dealing in the supply and installation of geothermal systems in buildings may participate in this scheme and gain access to funding, as long as they can demonstrate a certain level of quality in technical services and organisational structure.  
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The main research priorities for geothermal Heating and Cooling will be:
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