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Boom dla „zielonych” i cyfrowych technologii w budownictwie – nowe cele polityki klimatycznej UE do 2030 r.   Tematy:   Integracja systemu energetycznego Fala renowacji budynków Nowe szanse dla branży instalacji Pobierz: Poradnik POBE Zielony Ład
Post date: 31 Dec 2020
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Programme   What can you expect to see at the launch?  
Post date: 2 Dec 2020
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Wed 14, October 202016:00 - 17:00 CET   Please sign in with EU Login to vote.  
Post date: 22 Sep 2020
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Tuesday 15 September, 15:30 – 16:15 CET / 14:30 – 15:15 BST   As regulatory pressure mounts, it is imperative that banks have a clear plan to address climate risks, and to finance a green agenda. Join our experts as they discuss how banks can implement a successful climate risk management strategy.  
Post date: 26 Aug 2020
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30 SEPTEMBER 2020 | 10h00-11h30   ZOOM, online Webinar Platform   Cerame-Unie has launched a Cycle of Webinars on Circular Economy. The Kick-Off Webinar Opportunities of Circular Economy for the Ceramic Industry, under the European Green Deal, provided an overview of the contribution of the Ceramic Industry to Circular Economy and gathered more than 170 participants.  
Post date: 24 Aug 2020
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Online breakfast debate "Green Deal: Towards a carbon-neutral economy for Europe” - held in Spanish   Clara de la Torre, Deputy Director General of DG CLIMA and Nicolás González Casares, MEP from the ITRE committee will participate in the event organised by the Spanish Official Chamber of Commerce in Belgium and Luxembourg in collaboration with ZABALA  
Post date: 13 Jul 2020
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The Global Renewables Outlook shows the path to create a sustainable future energy system. This flagship report highlights climate-safe investment options until 2050, the policy framework needed for the transition and the challenges faced by different regions. As the world seeks durable economic solutions, accelerated uptake of renewables promises to drive sustainable development, boost well-being and create tens of millions of new jobs.  
Post date: 1 Jun 2020
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As businesses and investors having energy efficiency and energy demand reduction at the heart of our activities, we look forward to seeing Europe’s global climate leadership translated in green measures which will lead to a sustainable recovery through stimulus packages. We strongly believe that the Renovation Wave as part of the EU Green Deal is a great opportunity to promote a European based industry, with technologies and expertise able to serve the renovation demand locally.
Post date: 8 May 2020
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Climate change and environmental degradation are an existential threat to Europe and the world. To overcome these challenges, Europe needs a new growth strategy that transforms the Union into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy where :  
Post date: 3 May 2020
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Putting EU Green Deal in Action: Upscaling sustainable home renovation with innovative financing tools Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of Europeans are spending nearly 100% of their time indoors. It is time to take a closer look at the energy efficiency, comfort and health of our homes and apartment buildings.  
Post date: 21 Apr 2020
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