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As part of the International Social Housing Festival, on Wednesday the 5th of June, a workshop will be led by Bax & Company, a DREEAM project partner, to focus on participants’ portfolios and unveil the potential for scaling-up to reach ambitious energy performance objectives.   The objective is then to involve the entire public in this central theme. The discussion will revolve around the following questions:  
Post date: 28 May 2019
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The Horizon 2020 funded DREEAM project (Demonstrating an integrated Renovation approach for Energy Efficiency At the Multi-building scale) aims to show that renovating at a larger scale opens the opportunity for a better integration of renewable energy and is generally more cost effective. The project demonstrates a multi-building and single owner renovation approach that can achieve a 75% reduction of total energy demand.  
Post date: 14 Jul 2017
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EURHONET and the DREEAM consortium are organising a training event for housing associations and local authorities in Europe on key topics around deep renovation – see attached Programme. This is an invitation-only event (Please see link below to register) intended to foster exchanges and learning around renovation-related topics of increasing importance to housing associations in Europe.     Who is the training aimed at?  
Post date: 4 Oct 2016
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