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Pilot implementation underway in the UK, Italy, France and Cyprus   Having as main target achieving zero and positive energy settlements in Europe using advanced energy technology, the ZERO-PLUS project has developed and implemented a comprehensive and cost-effective system composed of innovative solutions for the building envelope, for building energy generation and for energy management at the settlement level.  
Post date: 15 Apr 2020
Type: News

Τhe third booklet of ZERO-PLUS has been published! The Project’s results are described emphasizing on the case studies of the UK, Italy, France & Cyprus, all of which have now been constructed, commissioned and occupied.   View the booklet here.
Post date: 27 Feb 2020
Type: News

The ZERO-PLUS project has developed a set of innovative solutions that could form the basis of a commercial service supporting the design, construction, commissioning and monitoring of Net Zero Energy Settlements (NZES). Together, these solutions form the ZERO-PLUS concept. The Project’s concept is summarized in the business case brochure with the following sections:  
Post date: 6 Feb 2020
Type: News

Brand new info material for ZERO-PLUS has been prepared recently, highlighting the concept of the residential settlements of the future. The info material consists of a Roll Up banner, a poster and a brochure and includes topics such as the ZERO-PLUS approach, the main objectives of the programme, the presentation of the Case Studies, as well as the innovative techniques used.  
Post date: 3 Feb 2020
Type: News

The 12th edition of the ZERO-PLUS newsletter has been released!   Enjoy your reading here.
Post date: 29 Oct 2019
Type: News

ZERO- PLUS Energy Settlements
Post date: 11 Oct 2019
Type: Event

Take a look at the latest news of the ZERO-PLUS Project and stay tuned for the upcoming newsletter! 11th edition of ZERO-PLUS newsletter  
Post date: 28 May 2019
Type: News

ΑBB Smart Lab, Partner of ZERO-PLUS Project organized a series of dissemination events in March and April 2019, in order to further promote the Project’s strategic goals, objectives and expected results.  
Post date: 25 Apr 2019
Type: News

This is the ninth issue of the ZERO-PLUS (Achieving near Zero and Positive Energy Settlements in Europe using Advanced Energy Technology) research project newsletter.   Contents include:
Post date: 20 Sep 2018
Type: Publication

ZERO-PLUS project - Development of a framework for reliability-centered maintenance of NZE settlements  
Post date: 1 Aug 2018
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