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This booklet is part of a series consisting of the following volumes: Booklet 1: Overall Energy Performance of Buildings Booklet 2: Building Energy Performance Booklet 3: Heating Systems and Domestic Hot Water Booklet 4: Ventilation and Cooling Systems Booklet 5: Inspection of Systems for Heating, Air Conditioning and Ventilation
Post date: 26 Jul 2010
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Post date: 11 Jun 2010
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The whole dissertation consists of four parts. In the first chapter of part 1 (chapters 2–4), the development of a theoretical occupant‐behaviour model is described based on the comprehensive literature review. In this context, the reference level is introduced as the entity to which all input values deriving from the body’s sensory systems are compared. Therefore, the reference level has a special place in the model, because the decision whether to perform or not to perform a certain type of behaviour is based on the outcome of this comparison.
Post date: 25 May 2010
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Information paper P162 of the European Project CENSE
Post date: 6 Apr 2010
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This document is the final report of the European Project BOILeff (Raising the efficiency of boiler installations).
Post date: 23 Mar 2010
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Post date: 24 Feb 2010
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