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hybridGEOTABS first newsletter contains a short introduction to the technology and objectives of the research project. It also gives a summary of progress as shared at the recent project meeting in Finland, in particular, the chosen demo buildings and technical developments.  
Post date: 21 Mar 2017
Type: News

Geothermal energy is limitless, ubiquitous and free at the point of use. When combined with the very high energy efficiency of TABS and application range of hybrid systems, it offers huge potential to meet heating and cooling needs in Europe, and reduce CO2 emissions.  
Post date: 17 Mar 2017
Type: Link

The free HVAC design tool “TABSDesign” is a computational aid for the sizing and control of thermally activated building systems (TABS). It supports and executes HVAC design of TABS through the unknown-but-bounded (UBB) planning process described in the "TABS Control" manual.   How it works
Post date: 17 Mar 2017
Type: Tool

GEOTABS is an acronym for the combination of geothermal heat pumps with thermally activated building systems (TABS).  It is an innovative clean technology for energy efficient and healthy buildings which has several advantages; the radiant heating and cooling system has already proven to be one of the most comfortable ways to condition indoor spaces, especially multi-storey offices.  
Post date: 15 Mar 2017
Type: Note

Automating heating and other environmental controls can bring huge savings to commercial buildings. To what extent is it possible to achieve the same results in residential homes? What is the difference between so called domotics and inmotics?  
Post date: 22 Feb 2017
Type: News

The dena Report on Buildings brings together important statistics and analyses concerning building energy efficiency in Germany that appeared in 2016 – for example, the energy data of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, KfW funding statistics, or data from the Federal Statistical Office. They are supplemented by dena’s own calculations and the crucial data is presented in a compact form.
Post date: 16 Feb 2017
Type: Publication

Specific guidance for sub-metering of thermal energy in multi-unit buildings (implementation of Articles 9-11 of Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency (updated version))   Upon request by the European Commission, a series of guidelines were published to support Member States authorities and building owners in implementing art. 9-11 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED 2012/27/EU) concerning the consumption of thermal energy for heating, cooling and hot water in multi-apartment and multi-purpose buildings.  
Post date: 24 Jan 2017
Type: Publication

When young people move out of supported accommodation the leap to independent living can be tough. A new project in the north west of England is converting a former sheltered housing block for elderly people into managed accommodation for young adults, while also improving its thermal efficiency    
Post date: 13 Jan 2017
Type: News

21st International exhibition for domestic and industrial heating, water supply, engineering and plumbing systems, ventilation, air-conditioning and equipment for pools, saunas and spas, Aquatherm Moscow is your gateway to the Russian heating, water supply and pool equipment market!   Business Programme In 2016, the business programme included 3 conferences, the BDH Symposium and the events of the show exhibitors. The delegate access is free of charge but requires registration as a visitor and delegate.
Post date: 12 Jan 2017
Type: Event

Since September 2016, the renovation works at the Province of Liège School of Engineering have been progressing, and now as we move towards the New Year, a new phase has just begun. It involves installing a renewable heating system, the first of its kind in Europe, if not the world.  
Post date: 2 Jan 2017
Type: News