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IEA-EBC Annex 59: High Temperature Cooling and Low Temperature Heating in Buildings   The Executive Committee of the International Energy Agency Energy in Buildings and Communities programme (IEA EBC) approved the “IEA- EBC Annex 59 High Temperature Cooling and Low Temperature Heating in Buildings” in 2012. The project was completed in 2016.  
Post date: 25 Apr 2017
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Building America Webinar: High-Performance HVAC: Low-load and Plug-n-Play HVAC Systems  
Post date: 3 Mar 2017
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Smart Buildings: Using Smart Technology to Save Energy in Existing Buildings   Smart buildings use information and communication technologies (ICT) to enable automated building operations and control. They enhance occupants’ comfort and productivity while consuming less energy than conventional buildings.  
Post date: 3 Mar 2017
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Welcome to Cold Climate HVAC Conference 2018, 12-15 March, in Kiruna, Sweden, the most northern Cold Climate Conference ever. This is an international scientific conference on key technologies and processes to achieve sustainable and optimal buildings and districts with a good indoor environmental quality and a minimum use of resources and energy!   The conference covers technical, economic and social aspects of buildings and HVAC systems in new and renovated buildings.   The conference program will include:
Post date: 2 Feb 2017
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The duct sizing calculator is a quick reference tool which allows HVAC air distribution system designers to more accurately size ducts, especially flex ducts under varying amounts of compression, based on research results.  
Post date: 21 Dec 2016
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The ISH 2017 trade fair will take place from 14 to 18 March 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany, focusing on energy efficiency and comfort in buildings.  
Post date: 8 Dec 2016
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Energy efficiency has a key role in the EU policy. Ecodesign regulations, EPBD requirements and Energy Efficiency Directive present strong requirements to reduce energy consumption of buildings and GHG emissions. HVAC systems play a major role in improved energy efficiency. Good performance of systems is based on good and reliable products. The main focus of this issue is on energy efficiency of air conditioning and heating products, particularly how certified performance data can support high performance buildings.  
Post date: 23 Apr 2013
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Eurovent Certification certifies the performance ratings of air-conditioning and refrigeration products according to European and international standards.
Post date: 8 Jan 2013
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