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The newly published “Cold-Climate Buildings Design Guide” from ASHRAE aims to assist designers, contractors, and engineers in constructing and maintaining buildings in cold, subarctic, and arctic climates, offering practical advice on the unique challenges faced when trying to maintain human comfort and energy efficiency in these environments. 
Post date: 19 Oct 2015
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Call for Papers for the IEECB&SC’16 Conference "Improving Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings and Smart Communities". The deadline for abstract submissions is November 15, 2015. The papers should focus on the following topics among others: 
Post date: 12 Oct 2015
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This new design guide by ASHRAE focuses on tall (taller than 91m), supertall (taller than 300 m) and megatall (taller than 600 m) buildings. It addresses the efforts of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems designers as well as the importance of the design team, their collective efforts and concerns. It aims special attention at design issues for tall commercial buildings, which are very often mixed use, with low-level retail, office floors, residential floors, and hotel floors.
Post date: 9 Jul 2015
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Post date: 16 Jun 2015
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The Energy in Buildings and Communities (EBC) newsletter carries regular reports of energy policy development and research activities taking place in various countries. It contains updates on ongoing and planned research projects, features new publications and website information, as well as topical articles of a general nature. It is intended for those active in fields relating to operational energy saving for buildings and communities. The EBC news Issue 59, June 2014 contains the following articles: 
Post date: 15 Jun 2015
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The new HVAC Applications volume by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) covers a broad range of facilities and topics, focusing on comfort, industrial, energy-related and general applications, as well as building operations and management. The 2015 edition includes two new chapters: 
Post date: 5 Jun 2015
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The REHVA Journal May issue titled Heating, Cooling in the European Energy Transition is now available online. The featured articles are:
Post date: 3 Jun 2015
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