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The MOVIDA Project (“MOVing from Inspection to Domestic Advice by service companies”) aimed to improve the energy efficiency of HVAC systems in buildings for both the domestic sector and the tertiary sector, by changing the mode of carrying out inspections according to the regulations on energy efficiency in buildings (Directive 2010/31/EU), complementing the tasks of operating and maintaining with a study of energy efficiency.
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IntroductionWhere space is limited and invasive interventions have to be avoided – be it historic buildings in particular or refurbishment projects in general – particular awareness and special solutions for HVAC systems are needed. Within FP7 project 3ENCULT a number of such solutions have been developed and tested at case studies. Values and potential in historic buildings
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High performance HVAC solutions are often introduced to the market with characteristics phrasing their technical and environmental performance in terms of energy efficiency and indoor climate benefits. Yet these characteristics are often insignificant in the context of an overall building evaluation made by potential investors and it is useful to open a debate on a suitable assessment of HVAC benefits on building appraisal, taking into account “global costs” and considering functionalities, investments costs and operation and maintenance issues.
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The REHVA Journal December issue is available online by clicking here. Featured articles!
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The primary goal of building commissioning, from an energy perspective, was to verify and optimise the performance of energy systems within a building. The objective of this IEA annex (2001 - 2004) was to develop, validate and document tools for commissioning buildings and building services that would help facilitate the achievement of this goal.
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Electricity savings of 33 % per year through awareness measures andoptimised control for the HVAC system.This report summarizes the results of Cardiff University’s participation to the iSERVcmb project with regard to its HVAC system energy consumption. The report refers to the period from 2003 to 2012.
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Purpose of the Project:
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