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As has already been done for centuries before us, good indoor climate conditions during summer can be achieved through efficient use of the physical and natural conditions and sources around the building such as its position and orientation, the relief, the climate, the vegetation, the wind direction, air velocity etc. During design of the building such parameters need to be taken into account to prevent the building from overheating, by using proper materials, making efficient use of windows and openings, providing sufficient shading, night cooling, etc.
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SOLTAG is part of the “Demohouse” project, which is funded under the EU’s “Sixth Framework Programme”. "Demohouse is an international project involving research insti­tutes, housing associations and manufacturers from the building sector cooperating to demonstrate energy efficiency in buildings. The project is being conducted in seven European countries: Denmark, the Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Spain and Greece. The purpose of the project is to demonstrate energy efficient refurbishment of existing buildings and provide examples of future housing standards.
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Details about iDbuild iDbuild is developed at the Technical University of Denmark as a part of an ongoing PhD-project about the development of design methods for integrated design of new low energy building. iDbuild is a part of a building simulation program package which also contains BuildingCalc for thermal analysis, LightCalc for daylight analysis and BuildingCalc/LightCalc for combined thermal and dayligt analysis. iDbuild is using the combined calculation engine for its purpose.
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Saint Gobain Isover a/s is the instigator of the project which builds on international experience Behind the initiative is Saint Gobain Isover a/s. In its capacity as the world’s leading producer of insulation materials, the ISOVER group has a natural interest in promoting knowledge of how to reduce a building’s energy consumption. At international level, ISOVER is an active contributor to many projects using passive heating. Know-how and experience are harnessed together in the concept of the ISOVER MultiComfort House.
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