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The procurement of Tampere’s IoT platform has been nominated as a finalist for this year’s most skilful procurement competition in Finland.  
Post date: 11 Jun 2021
Type: News

  A belsőtéri világítás tematikája köré szerveződő előadások alkalmával Szircsák Norbert (Colliers – HuGBC tag) beszél a WELL Building Standard™ világítástechnikai vonatkozásairól.   A LED konferencia a Világítástechnikai Társaság legnagyobb évente megrendezett szakmai fóruma,  melyet tavaly februárban még 270 résztvevővel tartottak meg az Óbudai Egyetemen.  
Post date: 11 Feb 2021
Type: Event

Call for Abstracts   To contribute to the success of the EEDAL conference, we invite you to participate in the conference and to submit abstracts on new technology developments, user behaviour, policies and programmes (including monitoring, evaluation and international collaboration), smart equipment, smart homes and smart metering, demand side flexibility and on-site generation.  
Post date: 30 Dec 2020
Type: News

  Slovensko stojí pred novou výzvou v rámci energetickej náročnosti budov. Energetická trieda A0 so sebou prináša nový pohľad na úsporu energie v budovách.  
Post date: 28 Dec 2020
Type: News

  Šetrenie energií v spojení s osvetlením je veľkou témou poslednej dekády. Pritom práve správne  zvolené osvetlenie dokáže priniesť výraznú úsporu a má mnoho ďalších výhod. Platí to ako pre interiéry, tak aj pre exteriéry.   Kombinovaním sa dá usporiť viac  
Post date: 21 Dec 2020
Type: News

The building, designed by Ruben Muedra and developed by IDAI NATURE as their new headquarters, won the BUILD Sustainable Building "Excellence Award for Sustainable Architectural Design".   It has been completed in 2018 and it is located in the town of La Pobla de Vallbona in Valencia,where the main challenge was to meet the limiting cooling demands required for Passivhaus certification, in a warm climate and in a high internal gain building.  
Post date: 15 Oct 2020
Type: Case

The new Central Building of Leuphana University represents an exemplary sustainable campus. It is part of the "Climate-neutral campus" project, which was nominated for the German sustainability award. The building concept and design started from an idea elaborated from a group of students within a university seminar with the architect Daniel Libeskind.    
Post date: 30 Jul 2020
Type: Case

It seems that every week brings the release of a new smart device or system for buildings. Often, the benefit of the new technology is related to energy in order to reduce consumption, trim demand, or cut carbon emissions. Since HVAC and lighting systems are the biggest energy users in buildings, it’s no surprise that there is a wealth of smart technology promising gains in energy performance. 
Post date: 28 Jul 2020
Type: News

A adoção de boas práticas é uma das formas de promover a poupança de energia nas nossas casas.   Uma correta interpretação da fatura de eletricidade ajuda a ter uma melhor noção dos consumos e custos da eletricidade, e verificar se a adoção de comportamentos de consumo mais eficientes, tem um impacto real em termos de poupança de energia.  
Post date: 17 Jul 2020
Type: Link

An important public building in the most populated city of Zagreb county, Velika Gorica, this kindergarten was in need of energy renovation as it was expensive to run and uncomfortable for its occupants.  Having become an eco-school, the management realised that energy renovation was essential to underpin the new ethos of the school.  
Post date: 30 Apr 2020
Type: Case