RES - Renewable Energy Sources

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Implementation of energy efficiency measures in schools and kindergartens, besides leading to energy savings and reduction of environmental pollution, would also improve the conditions in which children spend much of their time. More so, it would also develop their awareness of the importance of energy efficiency and sustainable development, making them future leaders of the energy transition process, was the message conveyed at the 6th meeting of the Serbian Parliamentary Energy Policy Forum (PFEPS), held under the title Energy Transition for Serbia.  
Post date: 4 Dec 2018
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The GRETA project aims at demonstrating the potential of shallow geothermal energy in the Alpine Space. This kind of tools helps fostering the integration of this technology into future energy plans at different administrative levels.  
Post date: 3 Dec 2018
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The three main legislative files on the Energy Efficiency (EED), the Promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources (RED II) and the Governance of the Energy Union, under the Clean Energy Package are most likely expected to get a final endorsement by the Transport, telecommunications and Energy Council, on December 3 and December 4.  
Post date: 22 Nov 2018
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The aim of the LOCAL4GREEN project is to help local authorities to establish and implement innovative local fiscal policies which are geared towards promoting renewable energy sources in the public-private sector and in homes especially within the framework of the Sustainable Energy Action Plans and the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans that have been adopted by the municipalities that form part of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy.  
Post date: 21 Nov 2018
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Efficiency reduces costs and risks, creates many benefits and opportunities. The study assesses how climate targets can be achieved at the lowest possible cost and what role building efficiency plays in the energy system.  
Post date: 7 Nov 2018
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This Guideline for Cost Benefit Analysis of Grid Development Projects is developed in compliance with the requirements of the EU Regulation (EU) 347/2013.  
Post date: 22 Oct 2018
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PV-Prosumers4Grid (PVP4Grid) is an EU-funded project involving 12 partners from various European countries, beginning in October 2017 and running until March 2020. The main objective of PVP4Grid is to increase the market share and market value of PV by enabling consumers to become PV prosumers in a system-friendly manner. PVP4Grid aims at a better power system integration of PV with a focus on market integration.
Post date: 28 Sep 2018
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This is the ninth issue of the ZERO-PLUS (Achieving near Zero and Positive Energy Settlements in Europe using Advanced Energy Technology) research project newsletter.   Contents include:
Post date: 20 Sep 2018
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The World Energy and Environment Technology Ltd. is happy to announce the Global Conference on Energy and Sustainable Development, 2018. The Conference not only provides a venue for researchers from the United Kingdom but also for worldwide researchers and specialists and those interested in learning about the energy and sustainable development. The conference will cover the following topic but not limited to:
Post date: 30 Aug 2018
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Energy Expo & Forum2018 comes as a second edition to the initial launch of Energy Expo & Forum 2017. This edition will focus on the high potential in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Croatia and Serbia to invest in electricity. With great unused potential, Albania benefits from huge investment opportunities in this area, which also pertains to current electricity market policies. The new Renewable Energy Law adopted last year and the regulated legal framework will create new prospects for investments and cooperation.
Post date: 27 Aug 2018
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