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The D2Grids project, Construction21, Fedene, Ademe, FNCCR and Euroheat & Power, are glad to invite you to the event dedicated to district heating and cooling grids!
Post date: 14 Mar 2023
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Polish DSO Tauron has announced the installation of 1 million modern remote reading meters for their customers with the aim of better controlling electricity consumption. In fact, the installation would allow them to obtain data from grid operations. They assume that by 2030 all customers will have smart meters.  
Post date: 2 Mar 2023
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What is the role of digital twins in pushing forward the energy transition and in creating community energy systems? Generating and sharing local power in community energy systems (CES) is now more accessible thanks to the advancement in energy technologies and grid control.  
Post date: 24 Feb 2023
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About a third of grids in Europe are 40 years old. It is key to prepare them for the distributed and intermittent generation from renewable sources, and for ensuring energy efficiency. For this reason, the European Commission expects about €584bn of investment in Europe’s electricity grid between 2020 and 2030, and among this €170bn would go to digitalisation.  
Post date: 3 Feb 2023
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Start date: 1 January 2019 - End date: 31 December 2022 Partners  
Post date: 12 Jan 2023
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Buildings are heterogeneous systems that involve significantly complex interconnected multiple systems that depend on various transient factors such as occupancy, environmental conditions, building characteristics, etc. An optimal trade-off is necessary between comfort and energy savings by optimizing the multi-objectives of buildings.  
Post date: 15 Nov 2022
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Smart toolbox for the energy sector
Post date: 4 Nov 2022
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The conference is organised by The Foundation for Innovation and Research – Malta ( and is also supported by The University of Malta, The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST), and the H2020 NEEMO Project. The main conference sponsors are The Ministry for Finance and Employment (Malta), Malta MEDELEC Switchgear Ltd., Visit Malta Incentives & Meetings and The Energy and Water Agency (Malta).  
Post date: 3 Oct 2022
Type: Event

The European Commission’s policy framework (i.e. Clean Energy Package, FiT for 55) seeks to decarbonise the energy system, encouraging the electrification of heat and transport, as well as the connection of more clean but intermittent generation. Electricity markets and smart grid digitalization should proceed very fast to enable the fulfillment of these targets, incentivizing energy consumers and maximizing the use of assets from different energy consumption sectors (i.e.
Post date: 29 Sep 2022
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The aim of the conference is to establish a venue for presenting and discussing scientific findings and industrial experiences related to the subject of Smart Energy Systems based on renewable energy, 4th Generation District Heating Technologies and Systems (4GDH), electrification of heating and transportation sectors, electro fuels and energy efficiency.  
Post date: 13 Jul 2022
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