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The world is going digital – and so is the energy industry. Solar and Storage, with the help of Digitalisation, will be the backbone of the New Energy World. Now that we are moving towards clean and flexible power, heat & transport sectors, it is key to have a cross-sectoral platform to discuss the most efficient ways to succeed in the energy transition in Europe. 
Post date: 10 Oct 2018
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  The Energy Community Secretariat, an international organization run by the EU and the governments of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, and Ukraine – and which is responsible for transferring the good practices of the EU internal energy market to these eastern European countries – has issued New policy guidelines for the grid integration of prosumers.
Post date: 27 Sep 2018
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On 17-21 September 2018, you are welcome to join the India - EU Clean Energy Days & International Matchmaking organised by Business Beyond Borders (BBB) together with European Business & Technology Centre (EBTC) and supported by European Commission.
Post date: 24 Jul 2018
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This webinar focuses on the share of intermittent wind and solar power in the EU which is increasing. Reaching a low-carbon electricity sector will depend on efficient integration of these energy sources by creating more flexibility, including through generation and demand response as well as the grid. This webinar will outline the challenge; give an overview of the status quo of EU electricity markets and present policy recommendations from the recent Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) Task Force on "Improving the Market for Flexibility in the Electricity Sector".  
Post date: 18 Dec 2017
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In diesem Buch wird der technische Weg von der Idee bis zur Realisierung eines energieautarken Solarhauses dargestellt. Konkrete technische Auswertungen und ein persönlicher Wohn-Erfahrungsbericht geben Auskunft über den Nutzen und die Besonderheiten dieser Bauweise. Die technischen und sachlichen Informationen vermitteln Planungs- und Entscheidungsgrundlagen für alle, die durch Energieeinsparung und Sonnenenergienutzung ganz auf konventionelle Energie verzichten wollen und das ohne Einschränkungen im Wohnkomfort.
Post date: 12 Dec 2017
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Did you know that our planet receives enough energy from the sun that it can power the whole world?  All the energy that the world uses every day could be replaced with solar. It is no wonder then that more and more people want to take advantage of this valuable natural resource. By going solar, you will significantly reduce your carbon footprint on this planet and will be surprised with how much money you could save on utilities.
Post date: 8 Nov 2017
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The International Conference on Energy, Environment and Economics (ICEEE2018) focuses on energy, environment and economics of energy systems and their applications. The event will provide a forum for both researchers and academicians around the world to present original research papers.   Contributions are invited, but not limited to, the conference topics listed below:   Energy  
Post date: 12 Oct 2017
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Renewable electricity market has witnessed an unprecedented acceleration in recent years, and it broke another annual deployment record in 2016. The market’s main driver last year was solar photovoltaics, which is boosting the growth of renewables in power capacity around the world.  
Post date: 10 Oct 2017
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Analysis and Forecasts to 2O22    
Post date: 6 Oct 2017
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FOSTEr in MED  project aims to promote the adoption of innovative solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies in the Mediterranean area. The project adopts a multi-layer strategic approach, with the involvement of the local stakeholders, in order to ensure that the results of the project activities will have a multiplicative effect at the Mediterranean Basin level, in terms of outcomes replication, dissemination and transferability of results both beyond the partnership and after the end of the project.  
Post date: 8 Sep 2017
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