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These French professional rules concern solar water heaters for domestic use in new houses.The rules include three parts in three separate documents:- The first part (77 pages) describes rules for the design and dimensioning of solar domestic water heating systems (solar collector, water tank, pump, auxiliary heating source, hydronic circuit, controls).- The second part (107 pages) describes rules for installation and commissioning of the system.- The third part (62 pages) details rules for maintenance. These rules are the same as in renovated buildings.
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This leaflet from BDH (The Federal Industrial Association of Germany House, Energy and Environmental Technology) concerns the annual inspection and maintenance of heating systems.Maintaining the reliability, energy efficiency and low environmental impact of a heating system requires regular maintenance and control.The EU Directive 2010/31/EU on the " Energy Performance of Buildings" requires periodical inspection, while the German Energy Saving Ordinance (Energieeinsparverordnung) requires a regular assessment of heating installations.
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The Danish Technological Institute offers this one-day course on the basics for giving advice on solar thermal installations.   It deals with the assessment of needs and design based on location and the calculation of the financial aspect and profitability of a solar thermal installation.   The course is mainly targeted towards persons working in the design and installation of domestic hot water systems, such as plumbers. The full course costs DKK 3990.  
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This scheme is now closed.   The Department of Environment of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure of Luxembourg, in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing, has developed a financial aid plan for energy measures in the housing sector for the period 2013 to 2016. The corresponding Grand Ducal Regulation was published in December 18, 2012.   The scheme covers the following:  
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This website has been created in the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe 'SDHtake-off - Solar District Heating in Europe' and 'SDHplus – New Business Opportunities for Solar District Heating and Cooling' projects. These projects are supporting the market rollout of solar thermal district heating in Europe.
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Solar thermal systems gain in popularity due to rising energy prices, attractive funding and new legal frameworks.   The training course "Certified Solar Heating Installer", provided by Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), provides theoretical and practical foundations for the proper design, installation and assembly of high quality solar thermal systems. Target groups for the course are:  
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This scheme is now closed.    Dotácie na slnečné kolektory a kotly na biomasu   Within this scheme, subsidies were provided to owners of houses and apartment buildings for the installation of biomass boilers and/or solar thermal collectors that met certain minimum technical criteria.  
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