Heat Pumps in buildings

100% Renewable Heating & Cooling for a Sustainable Future

The Eu­ro­pean Tech­nol­ogy & In­no­va­tion Plat­form on Re­new­able Heat­ing and Cool­ing (RHC ETIP) or­gan­ises the event 100% RHC for a Sus­tain­able Fu­ture, the op­por­tu­nity for RHC ex­perts to learn, net­work and pre­sent their RHC in­no...

Webinar: New solutions for sustainable district heating in European cities

The recently revised EU Renewable Energy Directive recognises heating and cooling as a key sector in accelerating the decarbonisation of the energy system. In order to facilitate the penetration of renewable energy in the heating and cooling sector...

Debate: Energy Savings Delivered. Energy provider initiatives acknowledged by the IEA and their contribution to EU policy goals

Array Speakers will include:Prof. Christian Küchen (President, Eurofuel)Paul Hodson (Head of Unit, Energy Efficiency, European Commission)Grayson Heffner (Senior Energy Efficiency Advisor, IEA)Mag. Martin Reichard (Director, IWO Austria)

Solar District Heating Conference


4th European Conference on Renewable Heating and Cooling


VVS-MÄSSAN Öresund 2013


HVAC 2012 trade show


7. Ölwärme-Kolloquium


European cities and regions fit for the future: Integrating heat pumps in local infrastructure


36th Euroheat & Power Congress - Smart and competitive: DHC for cities of the future

Array Competitive, fair and decarbonised: These are key attributes for societies across the globe by 2050. As the most important end-use sectors, heating and cooling are vital to achieving the 2050 objectives. The Congress will take a...