Are there national and international demonstration programmes for buildings that go beyond current national EP requirements?

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Demonstration of the technical feasibility and the user-friendliness of building concepts that go (far) beyond the national EP requirements and that may include innovative technologies and strategies is very important to set the path for enforced EP requirements. In the past, but also currently, a lot of EU Member States are supporting those demonstration project. The building concepts demonstrated cover both, new buildings and building renovation projects. The energy performance levels can be as ambitious as so-called “zero energy houses”, but also more contemporary like 20% to 50 % lower than the current national requirements. In many cases the idea is to show that these low energy consumptions can be achieved with only few additional costs and that these costs are going to be paid-back within a limited amount of years. As buildings are valuable objects, building owners tend not to rely on studies and simulations of the effects of energy concepts only, they prefer to have a realised and in detailed measured, analysed and proven building before they overtake a new building concept. This makes demonstration projects even more relevant. A well-known international, EU-supported demonstration programme is the Ecobuildings programme. The aim of the building concepts is “towards an energy efficient European building stock beyond national requirements”. Currently 4 projects that have been started in the 6th Framework Programme are in the final phase and many project results are already available for the public. An Information Paper on Ecobuildings will be soon presented on the EPBD Buildings Platform. For more information go to: http://www.ecobuildings.info

Authors: Hans ERHORN and Heike ERHORN-KLUTTIG, Fraunhofer Institute of Building Physics Date: 19/11/07