Does the EPBD set minimum energy performance requirements for buildings?

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No. The EPBD requires Member States to take the necessary measures to ensure that energy performance requirements for buildings are set (see Article 4). The requirements may differentiate between new and existing buildings and different categories of buildings. The EPBD also includes a list of buildings for which requirements are not obligatory. Article 5 of the EPBD states that Member States have to take necessary measures to ensure that, for new buildings with a useful floor area of more than 1000 m2, certain alternative systems (e.g. renewable technologies) have to be considered and taken into account. Article 6 requires that existing buildings undergoing a major retrofit have to meet minimum requirements in so far as this is technically, functionally and economically feasible. In either case individual Member States provide the quantitative definition of the minimum requirement.

Authors: Hans ERHORN and Heike ERHORN-KLUTTIG (FHG)
Date:   24/03/06