Is inspection of the ventilation system required with the inspection of air conditioning systems?

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If a ventilation system has no thermal component, i.e., if it strictly serves only the purpose of providing fresh air to guarantee a suitable indoor air quality, the EPBD requirement for inspections does not apply. The same applies for ventilation systems where the inlet air is only heated (e.g., when the outdoor air is too cold and would cause discomfort to the occupants or the possibility for formation of frost or condensate if brought inside the building untreated).

However, if the fresh air provided by the ventilation system can also be cooled before delivery to the occupied spaces, then these ventilation systems are, in reality, air-conditioning systems, in accordance with the definition of air-conditioning systems in article 2 of the EPBD (“a combination of all components required to provide a form of air treatment in which temperature is controlled or can be lowered, possibly in combination with the control of ventilation, humidity and air cleanliness”) and, as such, they are required to be periodically inspected, according to article 9 of the EPBD, if the cooling power is larger than 12 kW.

Author:  Eduardo MALDONADO (University of Porto, Portugal)
Date:   27/11/07