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What can be said about a smartness indicator?

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What can be said about a smartness indicator?

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As part of the proposals released by the European Commission on November 30 2016, the introduction of a ‘smartness indicator’ is foreseen.


With respect to the features of this smartness indicator, the following description is provided:


A smartness indicator will reflect the ability of buildings to:


  1. adjust to the needs of the user and empower building occupants providing information on operational energy consumption (complementing the energy performance information provided in the EPCs);
  2. ensure efficient and comfortable building operation, signal when systems need maintenance or repair; and
  3. readiness of the building to participate in demand response, charge electric vehicles and host energy storage systems.

The European Commission has launched a call for tender (ENER/C3/2016-554) entitled “Support for setting up a Smart Readiness Indicator for Buildings and related impact assessment”.


For further information, see also Sylvain Robert’s (European Commission DG energy) presentation on “Smart buildings in the context of the EPBD” at the “Smart Buildings for a greener Europe: Emerging Policy and Practice” livestreamed workshop held in Malta on February 14, 2017