What qualifications will be required to become an Independent Expert?

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Each Member State is applying different qualification criteria.

Article 10 of the EPBD suggests that practitioners must be "qualified and/or accredited experts".  This implies that no specific formal qualification is required if the Independent Expert is "accredited".

Since the accreditation requirements are not defined in the EPBD, each Member State is likely to establish different criteria for the accreditation of Independent Experts.  This may, or may not, include proof of competence by examination and/or the development of new nationally recognised qualifications.

If proof of competence to become an "accredited expert" is to be based on a qualification/examination, up to seven separate qualifications may be required, including:-

1. Certification of new domestic buildings.
2. Certification and drafting accompanying report for existing domestic buildings.
3. Certification of new non-domestic buildings.
4. Certification and drafting accompanying report for existing non-domestic buildings.
5. Certification and drafting of report for public buildings for display purposes.
6. Boiler plant inspection and reporting.
7. Air conditioning plant inspection and reporting.

Author:  David STRONG (BRE)
Date:   22/03/06