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Where can I find information about best practices on innovative financing for energy efficiency?

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Previous experience of the Member States has shown that conventional financing is not enough for meeting their energy and environmental targets and access to attractive and adequate financing products from the market is needed.


Public and private sector stakeholders can learn from the success of already invented innovative financing schemes and either invent new schemes or replicate them in future projects. There are many sources of information on best practices and a large variety of already invented schemes to discover. Three such sources are described here.


Sustainable Energy Investment Forums (SEI Forums) is an initiative of the European Commission aiming to boost large-scale investment and financing for sustainable energy by working with national stakeholders. Regular webinars and events take place across Europe in which stakeholders share their experiences on projects that were supported through innovative financing schemes. The list of past and upcoming events along with the proceedings, presentations and recordings can be found here.


On its website and in released publications the European Federation of Agencies and Regions for Energy and the Environment (FEDARENE) shares innovative financing solutions and encourages replication in order to perfect these methods. The intention is to help regional and local authorities develop and strengthen innovative and best practice methods that promote sustainable and cost-effective financing options.


Within the INFINITE Solutions project, coordinated by Energy Cities, innovative financing schemes are identified and implemented in European cities. A best practice database is also hosted on the project’s website in which more than 50 case cities explain how they financed their actions thanks to the European funds, EU technical assistance programmes (e.g. ELENA-EIB) and innovative financing schemes. Also, step-by-step guidebooks on energy renovation through Internal Contracting, soft loans and third-party investment schemes have also been released.