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ELIOS II - NHBC Survey on improving the effectiveness of eco-technologies

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NHBC on behalf of the European Commission is asking for people to complete this questionnaire to assess insurance risks with new innovative building technologies. This is part of the ‘ELIOS II’ project, details of which are given at the end of this post.

There is an opportunity to add names and emails of people who you think may also be able to complete this survey. Please copy this link into your browser to start your copy of the survey:



We can assure you that the information in this survey will remain confidential to the ELIOS II team within NHBC and the other project partners. It will not be made available to any third parties except in an anonymous summary form.

The rest of this note describes the project in more detail; many thanks for your assistance.

John Collinge

Cutland Consulting Limited, on behalf of NHBC



By completing this survey, you will help industry and Government to understand the risks associated with new technologies, especially ‘eco-technologies’. This will lead directly to improved standards and training, thereby reducing the risks of using this technology, increasing their use and leading to happier customers. The information from this survey and the ELIOS II project will be used to :

> improve the image of construction

> provide more information to allow industry to improve product and build quality

> help builders, installers, architects and manufacturers to reduce the costs of using these technologies

> improve risk assessment, and potentially reduce the insurance costs, of using eco-technologies, thereby facilitating access to insurance for construction companies Eco-technologies are defined as technologies which (are supposed to) contribute to environmental performance of buildings and whose use is less environmentally harmful than relevant alternatives.

It is vital that we understand the typical risks of eco-technologies and sustainable products, for example:

> Fire risk of sustainable materials (e.g. the use of straw) or eco-technologies (eg. a ground source heat pump installation compared to a gas boiler).

> Structural issues (e.g. extra load on a green roof because of buffering of rain water).

> Maintenance issues (e.g. potential leakage of a green roof).

> Installation issues (e.g. photovoltaic electricals, solar hot water integration).

> Performance issues (e.g. higher energy use than expected of a heat pump, due to lack of integral design of the heat pump, the delivery system, the ventilation system, warm tap water system and the construction)

Since your organisation is involved with these eco-technologies, it is assumed that you or your colleagues will have collected information on risks, defects and damages associated with building components or construction products.

We would like to ask you a few questions about this work. Filling in the questionnaire will take around half an hour for an expert at your organisation.

The ELIOS II project partners are teams of experts from SBi (Denmark), BBRI (Belgium), NHBC (UK), Technical University of Delft (Netherlands) and ARCADIS (Netherlands).

For further details, go to www.ELIOS-ec.eu/Elios2/index.html.

ELIOS II - NHBC Survey on improving the effectiveness of eco-technologies