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EU bids on standardisation to boost building energy efficiency – notes form EUSEW 2017

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In June 2017, the EUSEW 2017 Policy Conference dedicated its over 60 sessions to the several facets of the Clean Energy for All European package. Among them, the session “The role of standardisation towards higher Energy Performance of Buildings”, organized by the European Builders Confederation,  was entirely dedicated to describe how and to which extent the building sector can benefit from standardisation. The EPB Center, a joint initiative of ISSO and REHVA was the core topic of the session.


Jaap Hogeling presented the core mission of the EPB Center: to support the implementation of EPB standards, stressing that standards can lead to the harmonisation of performance calculation of different energy saving technologies, and also support good indoor environment quality. Harmonised standards also promote innovation, which is beneficial for innovative SME-s.


Vasco Ferreira, from DG Energy, added that the EU needs more information on the national calculation methodologies to make sure that they are technology neutral and transparent. Nowadays there are 35 different performance calculation methodologies across Europe, often not in line with the EN/ISO standards. Transparency and harmonization of the calculation methodologies will help also to reduce the performance gap.


Adrian Joyce, event moderator and director of EuroACE, pointed out that SME-s need guidelines on how the standards work, how they shall be used. A conclusion of the event was that the European Commission should support the capacity building and dissemination of EN standards to promote harmonised application with guidelines, digital tools, training schemes targeting SME-s on one hand, and help and influence national regulators on the other. Vasco Ferreira confirmed that the Commission supports these actions within the Horizon2020 programme, and via the EPBD-Concerted Action.


Note: This note is an excerpt of the EU policy news published in August issue of the REHVA Journal.

EU bids on standardisation to boost building energy efficiency – notes form EUSEW 2017