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European Regional Network of the World GBC: Position Paper on the EPBD

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This paper, released in March 2017, sets out the key messages from the Europe Regional Network (ERN) of the World Green Building Council (WGBC) on the key elements of the Clean Energy Package impacting Green Building Councils (GBCs) and the regional network.


As mentioned in the position paper, the ERN support a strong investment signal for building renovation by 2030, as well as the better integration of the Energy Efficiency First principle in climate and energy policies at both EU and national levels. The ERN note that tackling the challenge of building renovation, namely accelerating the depth and rate of renovation, have become absolutely indispensable for the EU to keep on track with its 2030 and 2050 climate and energy ambition. The ERN therefore welcome the ambition to double the rate of building renovation at EU level in the period 2020-2030 – particularly given the huge potential for efficiency in our buildings which is currently 75% inefficient.


However, there are several areas where the ERN think provisions in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) can be further strengthened to realise the huge potential of buildings in tackling climate change.


The position paper includes the key messages from the ERN on the following topics:


  1. Leverage national renovation strategies to deliver long term goals
  2. Clarification on the contribution of building renovation to a decarbonised building  stock and to the energy efficiency target
  3. Ensuring the exemplary role of public buildings
  4. Digitalisation of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), evolution towards building renovation passports and integration of smart readiness


To read the full paper, please visit the relevant World GBC webpage.