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The IEA is 'Implementing Agreements' in the field of building retrofitting

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Through its broad range of more than 40 multilateral technology initiatives (Implementing Agreements), the International Energy Agency (IEA) enables member and non-member countries, businesses, industries, international organisations and non-government organisations to share research on breakthrough technologies, to fill existing research gaps, to build pilot plants and to carry out deployment or demonstration programmes. In short their work can comprise any technology-related activity that supports energy security, economic growth, environmental protection and engagement worldwide.
At the core of a network of senior energy technology experts, these initiatives are also a fundamental building block for facilitating the entry of new and improved energy technologies in the marketplace.

The IEA's Energy Conservation in Building and Community Systems platform offers a variety of projects, the so-called 'Annexes', from which:

  • Annexe 56, dealing with Cost-Effective Energy & CO2 Emissions Optimization in Building Renovation;

  • Annexe 51, dealing with Energy Efficient Communities.

More information is to be found on the ECBCS website or on the IEA website.

The IEA is 'Implementing Agreements' in the field of building retrofitting