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Property investors step up sustainability activities

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Union Investment’s latest sustainability study, for which 172 property investors in Germany, France and the UK were surveyed, found that European property investors were broadening the scope of their sustainability activities. 34% of the property investors surveyed now display key building data, for example for final energy consumption, lifecycle costs or waste generated, at the overall portfolio level. The same proportion (34%) integrate the issue of sustainability into their CSR strategies. 31% base their sustainability activities on a sustainable product strategy for the portfolio as a whole. Just 29% build their sustainability strategy around a product or a single "green building".

Property investors are increasingly expressing a desire for a facility for evaluating and comparing "green" portfolios, according to Union Investment. 62% of the investors surveyed stressed that benchmarking was an essential prerequisite for transparency. This was confirmed by another of the study's findings: fewer than 20% of the investors feel that there are clear criteria for assessing sustainable buildings in their respective countries.
More information (in German) here.
Property investors step up sustainability activities