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Solar heat gains and daylight just as important as insulation: European Aluminum views on Energy Package

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European Aluminium released its position on  the European Commission released a package of measures under the headline “Clean Energy for All Europeans – unlocking Europe's growth potential”.


Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 


European Aluminium welcomes measures to increase building renovation rates across the European Union, but calls for a better framework concerning the calculation of the performance of building elements under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive: insulation is only one part of the story, solar heat gains and daylight are just as important! Allowing these renewables to enter buildings through windows reduces artificial heating and lighting needed during colder seasons. While during warmer seasons, natural ventilation and shading solutions reduce the risk of overheating. European Aluminium therefore calls for using the ‘energy balance’ approach that considers both insulation AND solar heat gains to assess the thermal performance of transparent building elements like windows.



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The European Commission also published today its new Ecodesign Working Plan for 2016-2019, including ongoing works for windows. On this point, European Aluminium highlights that 90% of windows sold in the European Union are not standard products purchased at point-of-sales, but are products made to measure and installed by professionals. Choosing them requires personalised advice based on site-specific factors like façade orientations, climate conditions, shading and windows sizes, which a point-of-sale energy label is not able to capture. Other alternatives should therefore be considered.



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Solar heat gains and daylight just as important as insulation: European Aluminum views on Energy Package