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Winter package’s 30% binding target absolute minimum, welcomes support for Efficiency First principle, says eceee

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eceee welcomes the fact that the Commission is promoting Energy Efficiency First in the Clean Energy for All Europeans package. A strong improvement in energy efficiency is necessary if the EU is to deliver on the Paris Agreement, and it is also important as part of energy security. The cheapest and cleanest source of energy is the energy that does not need to be produced or used.


eceee sees the setting of a binding energy efficiency target at the EU level of at least 30% by 2030 as an important step in the right direction, but the Council and the Parliament should consider increasing the target as 30% is lower than the full economic potential of what can be achieved.


“The impact assessment gives strong support to increase the energy efficiency target to 30% as proposed, or even to 33% or 35%. A target at 30% should be the absolute minimum level of ambition” said eceee President Peter Bach, and added: “It is important to set a clear definition of the target and to establish a governance structure to secure that the target is met”.


eceee strongly supports the extension of the annual saving target of 1.5% beyond 2020. This is absolutely necessary to secure that the Member States deliver new savings in order to reach the overall energy efficiency target. This target is only ambitious if the rules for measurement and verification are clear and there are no loopholes such as double-counting.


Without renovation of the existing building stock to nearly-zero energy levels over the next decades it will not be possible for the EU to meet its long-term climate and energy targets. It is therefore very important that all Member States develop long-term renovation strategies with clear targets and milestones. eceee fully supports the focus on better financing mechanisms.



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Winter package’s 30% binding target absolute minimum, welcomes support for Efficiency First principle, says eceee