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Calculates monthly and annual heating and cooling costs for residential and light commercial buildings. Virtually any type of cooling and heating system can be simulated by AUDIT including standard DX, evaporative, air source heat pumps, water source heat pumps, and all types of fossil fueled furnaces and boilers (both modulating and on/off controlled). An optional version of AUDIT with appliance capabilities can calculate appliance and hot water energy use as well. AUDIT uses monthly bin weather data and full load cooling hours in its calculations. Weather data for hundreds of cities throughout the world are built-in to AUDIT and additional weather data can be easily added. Along with calculating energy costs, AUDIT also performs an economic analysis that allows you to compare system types and costs over any given study period. There is even a loan and lease analysis report designed to demonstrate affordability of better systems by showing that the effective net monthly cost is often very low when monthly energy savings are considered. To make system comparisons easy, AUDIT allows you to manually enter equipment data or automatically look it up for you from ARI and GAMA equipment data files. AUDIT provides a wide selection of nicely formatted color charts, graphs, and reports. AUDIT shares data with Elite's RHVAC, CHVAC, and Quick Quote programs.

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