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The CHESS SETUP project is designing a solution to provide energy from renewable sources to buildings relying on:


  • hybrid solar panels generating heat to be stored and used for domestic hot water and/or heating in addition to electricity that can be used by the building’s systems and appliances;
  • a hot water tank to store the thermal energy produced by the hybrid solar panels, especially in summer;
  • a heat pump, to provide domestic hot water and/or heating from the hot water tank to the building at high efficiencies.

In order to analyse the feasibility of the proposed system and calculate the results, it’s necessary to perform a simulation of mass and energy balance between the different components.


The CHESS SETUP Simulator is thus intended to carry out a preliminary system sizing in a very quickly and simple way. The software allows for the calculation of:


  • the required solar surface and storage volume;
  • power and energy performance of the equipment;
  • solar production;
  • electrical consumption of the heat pump;
  • gas consumption; and
  • thermal losses.

It also executes an economic analysis (investment cost, economic saving and payback).


The software performs an hourly simulation of all systems and components (energy balances, water flows, thermal losses, energy performance...) during a two-year period as it is important to have more than one year simulation due to the high system inertia.


The results should not be used for a precise sizing, but rather just to have preliminary figures in terms of performance and economic balance. A report with the main results is created through the simulation and most relevant data can be extracted in an Excel file.


Any user with minimum background in solar systems and HVAC systems is able to use the software easily by consulting the user guide and with no need of a training course.

For further information please visit the relevant CHESS SETUP webpage at the link provided below.

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