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CRAVEzero pinboard - how to build an effective low life cycle cost nearly zero energy building. The Process Map

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Credits: CRAVEzero project

The H2020 project CRAVEzero aims to increase the viability of nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (nZEB) through solutions and tools for supporting the cost reduction during the whole life cycle of the buildings. In particular, one of the backbones of the project is the CRAVEzero pinboard, a structured platform that includes all the tools and supporting materials elaborated within the project.


One of the key tools available on the pinboard is the CRAVEzero Process Map, which aims at giving an overview of the complexity and the possibilities of influencing the planning and construction process of nearly zero-energy buildings. This process tool enables the project team to integrate additional tasks and actions for achieving the nZEB building standard into their own planning, construction and execution routine. Stakeholders (owner/user; municipalities; integrated planning team; construction companies) are able to display individual “nZEB specific action items” (To Do's) or alternatively to see which tasks other project participants have in order to achieve an nZEB. In addition to action items, bottlenecks can be displayed as well. These describe critical points in the planning and construction process that can result in missing the nZEB standard.


The map contains:


  • A flow chart of a standard planning and construction process.
  • More than 50 action items.
  • Different project parties and their nZEB-specific tasks in the planning and construction process.
  • Detailed descriptions of the individual action items.
  • Critical points in the planning and construction process that can prevent the achievement of the nZEB standard.

Aims of the map:


The aim of the "CRAVEzero Process Map" is to assign the action items to an already known progression of a planning and construction process. By this configuration, it is possible to structure the To Do's temporally and spatially and integrate them into already existing processes.