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De-risking Energy Efficiency Platform (DEEP)

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The De-risking Energy Efficiency Platform (DEEP), launched by the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group (EEFIG) in the context of its De-risking project, is the largest pan-European open-source evidence-base containing over 7800 industrial and buildings-related energy efficiency projects from 25 data providers, including large companies, public banks, private investment funds, financial institutions and ESCOs.


The platform provides detailed analysis and evidence on the performance of energy efficiency investments to support the assessment of the benefits and financial risks, including factsheets and case studies of financial institutions deploying capital into energy efficiency.


DEEP is a new source of operational risk management information, which will help project developers, financiers and investors better assess the risks and benefits of energy efficiency investments across Europe by increasing transparency, facilitating performance monitoring and benchmarking.


By becoming a user of this tool, you have the opportunity to:


  • Enhance your understanding of and access to energy efficiency finance related business opportunities
  • Streamline underwriting procedures through the development and use of a common language for energy efficiency underwriting
  • Decrease due diligence and transaction costs
  • Have a better risk assessment through high quality and credible data framework


For further information, please visit the tool's website at the link below.

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