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This tool has been developed by a group of Greek energy auditors according to Greek standards and regulations for Energy Efficiency of Buildings.
It was released in January 2013 and since then It has grown rapidly among the community of Greek Energy Auditors. It currently counts 500 regular users, who issue approx. 1000 energy certificates per month.

The application is targeted to energy efficiency professionals who are certified by the Greek Ministry of Environment as Energy Auditors.
The workflow of the application is as follows:

1. The Energy Auditor logs into the easykenak system and submits all the data required to calculate energy efficiency. A design tool has been developed to help the auditor draw the outline of the building.  An algorithm that helps the auditor calculate surfaces of the envelope (opaque and transparent) as well as U values has also been developed. The Auditor can chose from the most common heating, cooling, hot water and ventilation systems.

2. Once all the data has been submited, it is processed and is then possible to calculate the Energy Efficiency of the Building using the calculation kernel TEE-KENAK which is the one and only certified calculation machine owned by the Technical Chamber of Greece and used by all commercial applications in Greece. The licence from TEE to run the TEE-KENAK machine on the easykenak server is available to our users.

3. The energy performance results are displayed to the Auditor who has the option to select from a wide selection of energy efficiency measures and re-calculate the energy performance, adding up to 3 energy efficiency scenarios

4. As a last step, the Auditor downloads an .xml file which is fully compatible with the national standards and ready-to upload to www.buildingcert.gr the official platform of the Ministry for the certification of the buildings, which then allows for printing a valid Energy Certificate.

A test version of our application has been online since January 2013. In May it went on public beta release.  It is updated regularly with new features. We are currently looking into possible cooperation with european partners in order to export our application to more european countries where energy performance of buildings is applied.



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