ENTRANZE Cost Tool: Spreadsheet for assessing the impact of policy packages addressing the building sector based on the national Cost/Energy curves (BETA-TEST-VERSION)

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ENTRANZE Cost Tool: Spreadsheet for assessing the impact of policy packages...

ENTRANZE project

The cost tool – designed for market actors, policy makers, experts and other key stakeholders - analyses the impacts of several renovation packages for specific building types, in terms of costs and primary energy demand. It provides cost-energy curves to assess cost optimal solutions taking into account specific climate zones, various energy price scenarios as well as renewable energy generation.

This tool produces both graphical and numerical outputs, particularly:
- Dot plot (cloud) graph of global cost versus (net) primary energy of about 4,000 building variants, with the indication of the cost optimal zone (sheet “11 DOT PLOT”);
- Numerical outputs (initial, annual, replacement costs; global costs, energy costs, net primary energy, RES contribution, buildings variants description of about 4,000 building variants); (sheet “12 MAIN OUTPUT”).

The tool is flexible regarding the definition of additional parameters, such as interest rates. The starting year can be selected in the range 2011-2020, energy price scenarios can be varied over the  calculation period and different the economic perspectives may be selected by the user. For every set simulated it is possible to define an encouraged target of primary energy for comparison with the existing minimum of energy performance requirements. The base refurbishment level (i.e. the base renovation of the building/HVAC technologies for esthetical/ obsolescence /safety reasons without specific energy efficiency aims)  is always marked separately in the graph.

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