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The EU Building Stock Observatory

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EU Building Observatory

Together with the EU Clean Energy for All package of initiatives and legislation, a major online data portal has been launched on the 30th of November, 2016. The EU Building Stock Observatory, managed by BPIE, provides a comprehensive snapshot of the building stock characteristics in EU28, and monitors the implementation of relevant EU Directives in Member States by presenting 250 indicators.


It includes data from EU projects, national statistics, EPC databases, cities sustainable energy action plans, industry and others, with factsheets on specific topics per country.


The Observatory aims at supporting the successful implementation of policies and programmes and better compliance and enforcement.


It maps energy poverty areas, provides useful data for decision makers in policy and in the private sector.


It was developed for the European Commission by BPIE in collaboration with ECN, Ecofys, Enerdata and SEVEn, as well as national project partners.


The Observatory contains a database, a datamapper and factsheets.


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