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eu.bac System Part 5: Classification System

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The scope of the eu.bac System Certification Scheme applies to Building Automation and Control Systems (BACS), including e.g. artificial lighting, blinds and shutters, heating controllers, individual single room controllers, building automation systems, room automation systems, and integrated building management systems.
BACS is the description of products, software, and engineering services for automatic controls, monitoring and optimisation, human intervention, and management to achieve energy efficient, economical and safe operation of building services equipment.
The eu.bac System Certification Scheme will assure the user a high level of performance of the systems, as defined in the EU Directives and relevant EN standards. The acknowledgement of the certification is the eu.bac System Certificate that expresses conformity with EU Directives, quality EN standards, and the eu.bac System Technical Recommendations, and provides performance efficiency, trust and market transparency to the benefit of the building owner and occupant.
The calculation of an expected energy reduction (after improvement) is an estimation based on the efficiency factors out of EN 15232 in combination with a weighted calculation model. The conclusion is that an improvement of 10 points will result in up to 5% improvement of energy use. The finally achievable reduction in the real environment may be different, for instance, because of a different user profile, but this calculated value will, at least, allow a rough estimation of the impact of the intended improvements.

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