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Financial Toolkit, European Project

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ABRACADABRA (ABRA) is an acronym that outlines this research project’s premise: ‘Assistant Buildings’ addition to Retrofit, Adopt, Cure And Develop the Actual Buildings up to zeRo energy, Activating a market for deep renovation’.


The ABRACADABRA research project is based on the assumption that non-energy related benefits can play a key role in the financial viability of deep renovation of Europe’s current building stock. The ABRA project focuses on the premise that there can be a substantial increase in real estate value through an energy and architectural upgrade that will financially justify investment through an increase in revenue generation and asset value of the property.


The ABRA project seeks to understand the potential reduction in Return on Investment timescales through this approach that could increase the attractiveness of ABRA projects to investors, increasing quality and attractiveness of the existing buildings and finally help support the move towards the Nearly Zero Energy Buildings target.


Retrofitting has been proposed as a method to significantly reduce energy consumption and emission derived from the housing sector.  Having said this, it remains clear that severe restraints continue; and the concept of a “one solution fits all” is at the very least unrealistic.


As it has been repeatedly supported via the Abracadabra project any potential solution must deal with significantly complex issues at technical, legislative and regulatory levels, and of course at financial and economic levels.


This toolkit includes an integrated and simplified cost assessment analysis that allows potential investors to carry out an estimation of the Return on Investment (ROI) and payback period for the different energy efficiency measures, a calculation of the Net Present Value as well as the new value of the building after the deep renovation with AdoRes.