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LIFE VISIONS: The development of the VISIONS Decision Support System Platform

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A new multi-criterion IT modular tool is presented to support the decision of stakeholders and end users on the suitability of photocatalytic applications based on energy efficiency, sustainability and financial feasibility. 

VISIONS DSS Platform is a multi-criterion IT modular tool providing predefined possible solutions for estimating the effects of photocatalytic application. It addresses to stakeholders and end users (Building Construction, Paint Companies, Local Authorities) and supports the following kind of decisions


  • Effectiveness of photocatalytic application
  • Provides multi-criteria predefined solutions
  • Support for decision makers on the suitability of the solution based on energy efficiency, sustainability, financial feasibility
  • Best practice examples

Attributes of VISIONS DSS platform


  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • High level of Interactivity
  • User friendly
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ease of development
  • Support for modeling and analysis
  • Support for data access
  • Standalone, integrated, and Web-based

Objectives of the VISIONS DSS


1. Support for decision-makers to estimate the effect of each photocatalytic application to Air Pollutants elimination & Energy Savings


  • Problem diagnosis related to a particular product
  • Comparison of improvement variantsof a given product
  • Design of new products
  • Best practice between a number of existing comparable products

2. Support for intelligence, design, choice, and implementation


  • Intelligence: Systematic & continuous search for conditions that will generate better decisions
  • Design: Developing & Analyzing possible alternative actions and evaluating the pre-existing or future generated actions
  • Choice: Selecting a set of actions generated by well structured & stable algorithms
  • Implementation: Adopting the selected set of actions in decision situations

Benefits of the VISIONS DSS


  • Improves efficiency and speed of decision-making activities.
  • Increases the control, competitiveness and capability of future decision-making.
  • Facilitates communication.
  • Encourages learning or training.
  • Reveals new approaches and sets up new evidences for an unusual decision.
  • Helps automate managerial processes.
  • Allows integration of existing & new models and tools in a modeling chain supporting Air Quality and Energy Policies option assessment

VISIONS DSS Platform intends to serve as a web-based Guidebook for the characterization of the sustainability of photocatalytic applications and the enhancement of air quality & energy efficiency 


The project has received funding from the LIFE program of the European Union under GA number LIFE19 ENV/GR/000100. For more information visit the project website https://lifevisions.gr/. Join us at our social media: