METIS - Modelling the European Energy System

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METIS is a mathematical model which can provide highly detailed analysis of the whole European energy system for electricity, gas and heat. It can simulate the operation of both energy systems and markets for electricity gas and heat on an hourly basis for a whole year, while also factoring in uncertainties like weather variations. For example, it can analyse the impact of higher shares of renewable energy down to the hour.


The model can be used at EU country or regional level, right down to the 276 economic regions in the EU which are used by analysts.


METIS works alongside other energy system models including PRIMES and POTEnCIA. It is used by European Commission experts to further support the European Commission’s energy department’s evidence-based policy making, for electricity and gas. Recently it has been used to inform the Commission’s proposals for a new energy market design, as well as renewable energy and energy security issues.



For further information, please visit the tool's website at the link below.