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Mobile inspection tool for building condition assessment

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Source: DEMO Consultants

The mobile inspection tool is a user friendly ICT tool for building condition assessment. The software can be operated on a mobile device (a tablet) as well as a desktop / laptop computer. Within the P2ENDURE project (September 2016 – August 2020) the tool is to be deployed and validated by the consortium partners responsible for the demonstration cases. The intention of performing the building condition assessment before the renovation of the demonstration cases is to gather and compare the collected data using the same coherent methodology that is implemented in the software tool.

Taking into consideration that all inspectors differ in their knowledge, education, attitude, or motivation, interpretation of the buildings technical condition is prone to biased opinions. Therefore, a reliable and consistent inspection tool based on a coherent methodology is needed.


The mobile inspection tool to be developed in P2ENDURE is an enhanced and extended version of the existing building inspection and maintenance software tool developed by DEMO Consultants.


In this upgraded tool specific P2ENDURE requirements for deep renovation are addressed, including at the same time project typologies, such as deep renovation and transformation of residential and public buildings.


The functional and technical requirements of the inspection tool vary according to the scope of deep renovation intervention and the purpose of condition assessment.


In P2ENDURE, the focus of tool development lies on enhancing, customizing and configuring the RE Suite software tool (which was originally designed for condition assessment for building maintenance) for application in building deep renovation and transformation


The main functionalities / features of the tool are:


-facility for control and continuous insight for everyone in the organization;


-standard and individual composed reports generated in Word, Excel or PDF;


-customized solution - tailor-made to specific needs;


-compatibility with modern techniques and standards: BIM, CityGML, GIS, etc.;


-adaptable layout depending on the needs and software familiarity of individual users;


-multi-user application, even in different locations; customize access rights by the application manager;


-preservation of customized solutions, specific settings and extensions in the new versions and updates.


The tool is composed by different applications, among all:


-Software application RE Maintenance: it facilitates the development of long-term maintenance schedules, according to the methodology in the Dutch technical norm NEN 2767 for condition-based maintenance. Long-term maintenance planning is an instrument


-The RE Dashboard: a useful application to display the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for property control, asset management and performance-based contracting. The tool helps to visualize collected data, e.g. on building’s performance, in a clear way, what makes displaying these data and comparing it to other case alternatives easy and comprehensive. The system provides continuous insight into the current state of affairs.


-Software application RE Asset Management: it enables an assessment of quality of buildings and building components in order to assert control over the real estate asset over time. The management plans provide insight into proposed policies and management measures, including information on district, building and location.


The Mobile Inspection Tool is available online through your web browser. In order to attain access to the software environment, please contact DEMO Consultants by clicking on this link.


When you have received login credentials you can access the Mobile Inspection Tool by clicking on the link below


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