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Credits: H2020 MOBISTYLE project

The MOBISTYLE Game is a mobile application that uses “nudges”, complemented by “tips”, to change user behaviour based on the sensors available in the residence. Residential users are the key target users as they have most control of their environment.


The MOBISTYLE game consists of a gamified app aiming at behavioural change regarding energy use and also at creating awareness on the associated health benefits. The acquisition of the desired MOBISTYLE behaviours is achieved through a series of gamified challenges, which were designed following the project’s people centric approach.


The game is designed for the residential demonstration cases (Poland and Denmark) where such an approach seemed to be most beneficial based on a collaboration with the demonstration case holders and the support of the energy experts.


The game relies on the operationalisation of the MOBISTYLE behaviours in measurable actions that can be captured by sensors within the environment. The game identifies different behaviours within the home based on data collected from the sensors available. Then, based on the analysis of the data, the game provides incentives in the form of recognition, achievements and suggestions with the ultimate goal to encourage the users to adopt and sustain particular behaviours towards better energy efficiency and also provide useful health tips.



The MOBISTYLE game provides users with attractive, personalized information on their energy usage, indoor environment & health. This way, we boost their positive intentions and help them to reach their self-determined goals!


The users can browse through the different rooms in their house, check their state and suggestions on how to improve their indoor environment. The game makes it easy for them to adjust their behavior: Save energy and be healthier! 


This game is freely available on Google Play.